2018 Testimonials

“I consider myself a veteran of the SoCal Chamber Music Workshop. I look forward to attending every year. I have been in pre-formed groups and in the pool and they have both been satisfying experiences. I recommend the workshop to all who want to focus on the music as well as have a great time.”

–Becky R.


“I appreciate the hard work of all the volunteers that makes this a very well organized week with lots of opportunities to play wonderful music and make friends.”

–Penny B.


“A positive experience with like-minded musicians and superb coaching!!!”

–Joseph K.


“The SoCalCMW is a wonderful week of excellent chamber music playing and pleasant conversations with old and new music friends. After attending for over twenty summers, it just keeps getting better and is an important part of my year.”

–Alice L.


“SoCal is the pinnacle of workshops for coaching, caliber of players, beauty of campus, and parties!”

–Cherie G.

“This is a place where you can leave everything behind and just play chamber music.”

–Alex N.

“The level of talent at the workshop is extremely high end. It would be difficult to find this level of coaching staff at a workshop —everyone so giving, all-inclusive, and generous with praise and advice.”


“Excellent coaches + highly talented musicians + dedication to making beautiful chamber music + lovely campus setting = one fabulous and inspiring week!”

–Amy H.

“My playing has been transformed by all the years I’ve attended workshops.”

–Alita R.


“Attending SCCMW every summer renews my enthusiasm for and commitment to chamber music. I come away a stronger player with new musical problem-solving skills and ideas that I’ve learned from the excellent coaches and my fellow participants.The environment is supportive, and I’ve made a lot of friends, too.”

–Lisa S.


“Experience what it’s like to play great music morning, noon and night for six days in a row with an extended family of outstanding amateur and professional musicians.”

–George V.

“The SoCal Chamber Music Workshop is an environment that fosters a great love and learning of music. Once here, you will be immersed in a community of people who strive to find beauty in the world.”

–Milton W.


“SCCMW is a great learning experience with fantastic people in a beautiful setting! I highly recommend it to avid amateur chamber musicians!”


“I look forward to this week every year – it’s the best!”

–Ingrid B.

“A one week non-stop adrenaline fired mesh of highly skilled chamber musicians with the greatest willingness to collaborate and learn.”


“I love SoCal CMW!”

–Barbara M.


“SoCal is an oasis of creative music making. It will refine your musicianship skills and improve your ability to work with others.”

–Sarah D.

“SCCMW is a place to let your musical “wings” open and let you take flight in boundless music making.”



“The SoCal Chamber Music Workshop is an exhilarating week full of great coaching and chamber music on a beautiful campus. What could be more fun than meeting and playing with a group of wonderful musicians?”

–Kim R.

“A week-long workshop that will push you to new heights, both personally and musically.”

–Raymond M.

“Great opportunity for concentrated chamber music experience.”





2017 Testimonials

“The workshop is an intensive and satisfying week long immersion in music.”
—George B.

“This is one of the most advanced workshops anywhere…the high level of experience of both the coaches and players is inspiring.”

—Douglas G.

“I look forward to the workshop each year as an escape from work. It always surpasses my expectations for being such a haven of musical learning and camaraderie. I am in awe of the fact that so many people can come together to make art. And also in a way that is collaborative and immensely enjoyable. I am so grateful for all those who make this happen year after year.”
—Milton W.

“Intense, high musicianship level of attendees, superb coaching, stimulating, welcoming, but exhausting.”
—Jim W.

“As a vocalist, this workshop gave me the experience and confidence to work with strings in a variety of chamber arrangements.”
—Celeste D.

“First year, didn’t know what to expect! Received so much support from the coaches and attendees, and made some good friends! I will come again!”
—Eric B.

“This was my 1st time at any workshop. It was always nice seeing smiling faces and hearing wonderful music everywhere on campus. Keep up the tremendous work for those of us learning more about chamber music of all kinds.”
-Cindy L.

“This is a week I look forward to all year, and I get energized and nourished by the playing, the instruction and critique, and the warmhearted fellowship of lots of fascinating people who all share my love of music.
-Peter C.

“This workshop is a haven for serious amateur classical chamber musicians and creates a friendly community during a fun and intense week!”
-Ingrid B.

“After sampling many workshops in the US and abroad, there is no question that this is the best workshop for committed amateur enthusiasts.”
-Jack C.

“A wonderful retreat for the pure joy of learning and playing great music. Relaxed and non-competitive, idyllic and busy at the same time.”

“SoCal is a great place to enjoy music in a social setting while keeping your brain active.”

“The level of playing is the highest I’ve experienced at any such workshop.”

“Playing at SCCMW has been enlightening, refreshing, and inspirational. I will go home to my quartet and have a whole new standard of musicianship to use.”

“No matter how great my year-round musical activities are, I always look forward to the intense and wonderful week of SoCal. Long may it reign!”

“Excellent coaching. I learn and improve my playing every year.”

“We play 6-9 hours each day, and yet want to play more.”

“Find the musician in yourself.”

“Extraordinary coaching, incredible passion for making beautiful music, and wonderful people — I can’t imagine a better way to spend my vacation days!”

“Uniformly outstanding coaching”

“SCCMW is an inspiring, fun, and music-filled week where you get to play lots of music while having a great time doing it because of the people there. The people are great, the coaches are amazing, and everyday you learn something new.”

“Heaven on earth for those who love playing chamber music.”

“I love this workshop! The caliber of the players is great, and the coaches are superb. I always learn a great deal and have a wonderful time!”

2016 Testimonials

“A great way to spend a week doing what I love with others who share my enthusiasm.”
—Penny B.

“The SoCal workshop is my happy place! I look forward to it all year, knowing that I will see old friends, meet new ones, and share the glory that is Chamber Music!”
—Heather K.

“This is a week to which I look forward every year, and every time I go I am enriched by hearing wonderful performances by superb faculty, and by learning to improve in playing chamber music through intensive coaching where the faculty really tries to take us seriously. The warm friendships that have developed through this workshop over the years are an important part of my life. Just to get away from the stresses of ordinary life and experience all these elements in a beautiful environment and fueled by abundant food, is better than any therapy.”
—Peter C.

“A tremendous musical experience for both enjoyment and improvement, surrounded by supportive, like-minded people.”
—Michael K.

“Friendly community of chamber musicians, working together in a beautiful setting.”
—Ingrid B.

“I had played chamber music pieces so many times just by figuring it out myself, or figuring it out with amateurs like myself. At SoCal, you learn how professional musicians conceive of the music, and it makes a world of difference!”
—Elizabeth G.

“This is a group of people who are passionate about chamber music and come to make great music all hours of the day and night. They didn’t come to be on vacation.”
—Linda O.

“What a wonderful state of bliss to be immersed in such a loving musical environment such as the SCCMW. The caliber of playing is high and the level of coaching is stellar. The workshop is so well-run that participants do not have to worry much if at all about everyday logistics. If there is any kind of issue, the people who run the workshop are very sensitive and responsive and will take care of it immediately. This year has been especially fun and enjoyable!”
—Milton W.

“SoCal at Scripps creates an oasis where chamber music lovers can immerse and refresh themselves.”

“I was privileged to attend the SoCal Chamber Music Workshop for an intense week of chamber music. I was deeply moved, inspired, and humbled to be among an outstanding group of amateur musicians, advanced music students, and professional musicians. This was my second time attending the workshop, and I have many cherished memories to add to the ones from my first time there. I can’t wait to go back yet again!”
—Raymond M.

“The Southern California Chamber Workshop (SCCMW) has excellent coaches and the master classes provide the best possible learning experience. I have been to many other workshops, and I think that SCCMW offers the best experience at a reasonable cost. It’s simply outstanding!”
—Harriette E.

“For a whole glorious week, I get to be utterly immersed in music. To live and breathe chamber music among like-minded, positive folks, and to also have professional coaches who are at the top of their game but can still teach amateurs–it is a great gift every year, and I’m so grateful to have found it.”
—Stephanie M.

“Phenomenal coaching!”
—Margaret S.

“An intense and exhausting week filled with wonderful music in which you are encouraged to play to the best of your abilities with other talented and serious musicians, all trying to do likewise.”

“Great music, great people, great experience.”
—Liz C.

“The SoCal Workshop is the ideal venue for advanced.amateur chamber players to spend a week with like-minded colleagues from around the country. The level of playing is very high and the coaching by professionals is superb. Even professional musicians would enjoy the opportunity to perfect works of the standard repertoire and to explore new works with compatible, competent players. The camaraderie is excellent; the setting, accommodations and food are all quite satisfactory. Highly recommended!”
—Ron B.

“Be prepared to get your musical butt kicked in the best way.”
—Caroline C.

“Probably the most fun you can have with your clothes on!”

“I came to chamber music rather late in my life, and as a result, I try to fit in as much playing as I can! As a violinist/private teacher, I enjoy the challenges of sight reading and seeing how easy (or challenging) it truly is! This workshop serves as a benchmark to see how far I have come from one year to the next! Exhilarating and humbling at the same time! It’s also great to see friends from all over the U.S. and abroad, and receive top-notch coaching!”
—Linda T.

“A great summer workshop for the advanced amateur string player.”

“The SoCal Chamber Music Workshop has been a peak experience in so many ways. The coaching staff is brilliant, the camaraderie and musicianship of the participants is very high. The workshop organizers and volunteers are very hardworking and dedicated. The love of chamber music is palpable throughout the week and it inspires me to try and achieve my best playing.”
—Alice L.

“High class music making in a wonderful venue, what could be better?”
—Robert M.

“A great experience: the level of playing ability is amazingly high, the coaching is first-rate, and the professional concert programs were fabulous.”
—Jeff C.

“If you want to immerse yourself in chamber music, and get better at it, come to the workshop!”
—Carol O.

“Don’t be shy! Come and join your voice to this incredible week of chamber music making. The journey is full of beauty and the experience is here for the taking! See you next year…”
—Cliff T.

“SCCMW is the best week of my year! I love the high level of playing, excellent coaching, and wonderful people who come together each year to celebrate chamber music.”

“It was worth crossing the Pacific to be part of it!”
—Lynn D.

“I come to the workshop for the luxury of dedicating a week to the pursuit of music. What a pleasure to spend that time with such wonderful incredibly talented musicians!”
—Sara B.

“Truly amazing coaches.”
—James W.

“The best things about SoCal Chamber Music Workshop: the high level of organization and tweaking that goes on in making up the groups; the excellent, intense, fabulous, supportive coaching; the evening concerts; the mini-master classes; the food; certainly the generally high level of playing of the participants.”

“I love this workshop! Wonderful people, good players, great sports, excellent coaches, a great setting.”

“Excellent workshop for amateurs with a lot of chamber music experience.”

“Playing chamber music for a week. Sheer joy.”

“Come to SoCal Chamber Music Workshop and be amazed!”
—Shirley W.

“I arrived at the SoCal Chamber Music Workshop as a cello player. One week later I departed as a musician!”
—Thom F.

“I look forward each year to SoCal; it is the highlight of my year for both playing and learning.”
—Alita R.

Testimonials from previous years

“I really learned to play chamber music at the San Diego [now SoCal] Chamber Music Workshop, which I attended every summer for some ten years. Daily coaching sessions were useful and fun, but they were only the prelude to the real thing, the sight-reading sessions that went on late into the night. I remain hugely grateful to those more experienced players at San Diego who shared their love and knowledge of the music with me, and who helped me understand how to make a solo line sparkle and a dull accompanying part interesting.”
—Private Passions, in All Things Strings

“I want to draw attention to the SoCal Chamber Music Workshop which meets at Scripps College in Claremont, California. It is an excellent program for players of all ages and ability levels, especially committed, serious, adult musicians looking to develop their skills in chamber music.”
—Gene W, on violinist.com

“A fantastic week of music making with 100 great amateur chamber musicians on a beautiful college campus. Dedicated and enthusiastic coaches who will change the way you approach music.”
—George V.

“The best workshop I’ve ever attended. This is one I schedule my summers around. Great players, great coaches, beautiful venue.”
—Amy A.

“SCCMW was the most fulfilling music experience I have ever had. To be able to immerse myself in chamber music and to share my love of music with so many talented musicians while receiving professional coaching was truly satisfying.”
—Gloria C.

“SCCMW is a week of intense music study and performance designed to challenge the most dedicated chamber musician in the ambience of a well-known college in Claremont, CA.”
—Shirley W.

“I highly recommend the SoCal Chamber Music Workshop: Intimidating, a little. Intense, at times. Exhilarating, Educational, and Fun, without a doubt!!! One of the best times I have had in my musical journey.”
—Thom F.

“SOCAL is well worth the expense of traveling across the country. A totally friendly and musically receptive group of players. Coaches are accomplished musicians who willing the share their expertise in the most helpful way.”
—Janet V.

“This workshop has given me an amazing newfound musical joie de vivre!”
—Kim W.

“The workshop inspires me to not only be a better musician, but to also be a better person.”

“This is a fabulous week of camaraderie and playing with the best! Great all around experience full of musical treasures!”
—Jana O.

“The SOCAL workshop provides a great environment for chamber music study with excellent coaching from well known professional quartets and others.”
—William M.

“I had a fun time meeting new musicians and friends! For anyone who is looking for people to play with but doesn’t know where to look, this is a great way to get started.”
—Joyce P.

“Additional new, accomplished young players certainly added a new, somewhat unique dimension to the depth of experience at this workshop this year.”
—Bill H.

“As a first-time attendee of the Southern California Chamber Music Workshop this year, I was delighted with the overall experience. The Workshop is organized by an inspired and knowledgeable group of volunteer/participants, and that energy is palpable throughout the week. The schedule is well planned and prepared, and everyone is always thinking about ways to be sure that each participant has the best possible time, both musically and socially. I would recommend this workshop for anyone wanting to experience a week of high quality music making and fellowship.”
—Anders N.

“Our preformed quartet has attended the workshop for over 20 years and has benefited from the phenomenal coaching year after year.”
—Linda O.

“Of the many chamber music workshops I have attended, the Southern California Chamber Music workshop is the best. They had excellent coaches, and the master class format was an especially rich learning experience.”
—Harriet E.

“A well-planned workshop with non-stop music, excellent coaching, as well as education about the music that’s assigned.”
–Liz G.

“This is an impressively designed, well organized workshop with a high level of competence among the participants and some superb coaching. I learned more than I have at any other workshop.”

“The SoCal experience helps players at many levels play and learn together.”
–Joe P.

“Learn beautiful new music everyday on a beautiful campus surrounded by beautiful people!!!”

“It’s Chamber Music Heaven – an opportunity to be immersed in learning and making music in a beautiful setting with like-minded people.”
–Anne S.

“I look forward to the SoCal workshop all year–here’s where I can immerse myself in the great chamber music repertoire and explore brand-new works, all with colleagues that share my passion and with expert tutelage from professional chamber players. Come join us!”

“Great to spend a week immersed in music.”
–Suzanne K.

“I love it! It’s a great immersive experience.”
–Miriam H.

“It was a great experience. I ended the week on a highhaving made it through an interesting, challenging and intense week of playing chamber music. The people I met were smart, talented, friendly and interesting.”
–Kim R.

“This is a well-organised, highly enjoyable, and fun workshop in which any chamber musician, regardless of playing level, can pursue their passion of playing chamber music.”
–Ray M.

“Good week for me. I think this workshop is as good as it gets. Very dedicated folks.”
–Liz V.

“There is a lot that is wonderful about this workshop: great coaches, location, people, music selection, dorms, and freelance atmosphere. Great week. Great effort.”
–John S.

“I absolutely love being here, and playing and freelancing! The coaching is superb!”
–Jane L.

“Hard to imagine a better ensemble of amateur players, all with an insatiable appetite to play.”
–Monica M.

“This workshop is top notch. Excellent coaching, friendly atmosphere, very good players, and a very nice venue. I look forward to it every year.”
–Amy A.

“This workshop is the hands down musical highlight of my year. Hard to imagine life without it!”

“I’ve been to a number of workshops throughout the country, and this is by far the best I’ve experienced in terms of coaching, players’ ability, accommodations, food. The highlight of my year.”

“I had a transforming experience at the workshop. The dedication, knowledge, and talent of your participants has inspired me to work harder and become a better player.”